A place for anyone to enjoy cross-dressing.

 Onnanoko Club is a new concept bar with closet, where you can change into your girly self. The closet is stocked with various cosplay costumes and makeups, so you can even come empty handed. There are 30 seats on the floor, so come and mingle! Admirers are welcome to, to drink our cute cross-dressing staff.

We have clothes, makeups, comics, and games.

 We cater to the needs of cross-dressers of today. Cross-dressing is not for the closeted only. It is for anyone to enjoy at their leisure. You can drink alcohol or soft drinks and enjoy dressing, play games, or read comics. If you don’t know how to dress or makeup, our staff will help you change into your girly self.

If you want to come mingle with everyone, we recommend the weekends. If you like to chill with our staff, come on weekdays.

 If you want to chat with other cross-dressers and make friends, we recommend Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. On Monday through Thursday, people come to talk with our staff on the counter. It's not as crowded as weekends, so we can serve each of our customers better.

Onnanoko Club opened in Osaka! With shower and lockers!

 Our Onnanoko Club in Tokyo is so successful, we opened a new club in Osaka, only 1 minutes walk from the Namba Station! In Osaka, Onnanoko Club is a bar with a shower room and rental lockers, not to mention closet and makeups. We hope to see you in Osaka.

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